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At Smiley Dental Webb Chapel located in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Raquel Wright and Dr. Navaneetha Natchimuthu have found August to be one of the busiest times of the year as families squeeze in dental checkups before the school year begins.

If your child still hasn’t had their second cleaning of the year, it isn’t too late to boost their self-esteem with a dental cleaning as the school year gets underway. A healthy smile goes hand-in-hand with new clothes, haircut, and school supplies to boost your child’s confidence for the coming school year.

Ways to Help Your Child Succeed during the School Year:

-Guards: If your child plays sports, a mouth guard to protect their pearly whites during sports, PE classes, and playground time is a wise investment.

-Nutrition: For a healthy smile, pack healthy lunches and snacks. If your child eats the school lunch cafeteria food, sit down with your child each week to review the school lunch menu beforehand and encourage healthy eating choices.

-Protection: If you bring your child in for a routine dental cleaning, consider protecting their teeth with fluoride treatments or dental sealants, if needed. Fluoride keeps tooth enamel strong and cavity resistant while sealants form a protective barrier on back teeth to keep out dental plaque.

-Supplies: The American Dental Association states that toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months. We recommend starting the school year with a new, child or teen-sized ADA approved toothbrush to start things off right!

-Checkup: If your child has not had their second dental cleaning of the year yet, we invite you to bring them in before their school schedule gets packed with activities that come with a busy fall season.

Our Smiley Dental Webb Chapel team in Dallas, Texas can be reached by calling 214.635.2810. Dr. Raquel Wright and Dr. Navaneetha Natchimuthu are excited to help your child reach their goal for a successful school year!