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Fillings are a common dental treatment method to repair a tooth that has suffered a small fracture or area of tooth decay that is limited to the tooth enamel. Fillings are typically cast from materials like gold, porcelain, amalgam, or dental-grade plastic. While they are intended to repair the tooth for a long time, it is possible for a filling to go bad or start to fail.

When this happens, bacteria in your mouth start to infiltrate the microscopic space where your filling meets the surface of your tooth enamel. As time goes by they can weaken the cement and start to penetrate deeper into the tooth. Common symptoms that indicate this may have happened include discomfort, mild toothache, or heightened sensitivity.

If you suspect one of your fillings is going bad, you should not delay calling 214.635.2810 to seek treatment with one of our dentists at Smiley Dental Webb Chapel in Dallas, Texas. Sometimes we can repair the tooth by removing the old filling and applying a new one. If a significant amount of the tooth enamel has been compromised, we might need to treat the problem by performing a crown restoration.

This usually requires two separate appointments at our dental offices as we replace the entire tooth enamel layer with another material. This starts by examining the tooth and taking some X-rays. Assuming the interior structures of the tooth remain healthy, we can begin the process of forming an abutment.

Your dentist, Dr. Raquel Wright or Dr. Navaneetha Natchimuthu, will then use a special dental drill to remove the entire enamel layer of the tooth, leaving behind a pillar of unaffected dentin. This abutment will later serve to anchor the crown firmly in your mouth.

An impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth will be created before covering the abutment with a temporary crown. The impression will be sent off to a dental lab that will custom make your new crown. You will need to come back in for a brief second appointment when your crown is ready. Dr. Raquel Wright or Dr. Navaneetha Natchimuthu will then carefully remove the temporary crown and cement your new permanent crown in place over the abutment.

If you live in the Dallas, Texas and have a tooth suffering from a bad filling, please do not delay in calling 214.635.2810 to seek treatment at Smiley Dental Webb Chapel. Our team is happy to keep your smile healthy all year round!